WINE System AG, based in Frasdorf, under the guidance of CEO Brigitte Wuestinger and Martin Darting consults wine growers and retailers since 1999 and offers a comprehensive database which is very well accepted in the industry. WINE System AG is co-developer of the international rating system PAR applicable for wine, bread, cheese, olive oil and organizes tastings during the annual PAR Organic Wine Award, International PIWI Wine Award, PAR Wine Award International.

international organic wine award

Medaillen Ecology and sustainability become more and more important in the viticulture. Also final consumers discover the organic wine more often than this was the case at the beginning of this trend. The "international organic wine award" is a high quality contest for wine produced from ecological grapes. The participants value the transparency of the results and place trust in the expertise of the jury. The tasting of PAR® contests is based on the international scientific cognitions concerning wine and quality definition; primarily the terroir, in other words, origin, and not the varieties or ascending alcohol and sugar content. Following the EU Regulation on PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) dated 2009, the characterisation of terroir is the subject of the quality documentation (PAR = Ranking). The quantitative documentation of wine contents (Analysis) provides valuable information to winemakers how origin and climate shape their wine. Thus a terroir becomes more and more a replicable and transparent figure for winemakers and consumers.

PAR Wine Award International

PAR Wine Award Croatia, Georgia, Armenia, Slovenia, Lebanon - there are so many tradition-rich and largely undiscovered wine producing countries within and beyond Europe; we can barely imagine the treasures one might find, when encouraging a proper exchange with and among them. So why not do exactly that, we thought, and started paving the way to a brand new, PAR-based wine award, providing a high-quality platform for vintners, retailers, restaurateurs and wine lovers alike. The new PAR® Wine Award International gives various wine growing nations a real chance to present their produce in all its variety and authenticity, while cultivating a new understanding of quality, interest and exchange within our established wine markets.

International PIWI Wine Award

piwi Progressing climate change and "bad-tempered" weather increase the risk of fungal infection. Therefore more and more wine growers rely on fungus resistant varieties, so-called PIWI grapes. Due to the special fungicide this type of grapes allows wine growers to minimize the usage of pesticides, to save time and costs and to achieve a positive effect for the ecosystem of the vineyard. Association for the promotion of fungus resistant grape varieties (PIWI International) and WINE System AG convene the international PIWI Wine Award every year. The targets of this event are to underline the characteristic of these wines and to increase the level of awareness of the new grape variety in order to honor years and years of work of wine growers. The tasting takes place according to the recognized PAR-method.
Organisation: PIWI International   Contact: Josef Engelhart
Realisation: WINE System AG    Contact: Gisela Wüstinger

PAR Wine Award Greece

The role of Greek wines in the international market

PAR Wine Award Greece Greece is supposed to be the cradle of the European viticulture. WINE System AG has launched the PAR Wine Award Greece in 2011 in order to promote the high quality of Greek products on the European market. The tastings are proceeded in accordance with the recognized sensory assessment system - PAR which is an abbreviation for "Product - Analysis - Ranking". The results are documented and accessible in the WINE System AG database. From 2017 onwards, PAR Wine Award Greece will be part of PAR Wine Award International!

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